Sleep don’t come easy

At home it was hard. My heart felt heavy under Jim’s word. The worrying about the result of my interview and the response from my boss Mr. Spleen. I decided to force myself to sleep and to not check the writers corner blog. I didnt want to see it. The next day I woke up feeling like I hadn’t slept at all. I went to work mentally preparing myself for my encounter with my boss. I could tell him that it was a trick. They brought me there to humiliate me. Inside I felt that I had lost. I sat there at work waiting for my boss to call me in to his office. I was looking for a sign somewhere telling me to see him. But there was nothing. It was starting to weigh heavy on my mind. I just want him to get it over with. call me in and reprimand me already. The suspense felt worse than that. But there was nothing. “How did the interview go Kohana?” Said one of the employees Becky. She was always trying to be nice to me but sometimes it felt like she was just being nosey. “It went fine” If fine means one of the worst experiences that I have ever had. I thought. I went back to my cubicle after work but on my way I saw someone. Someone I was hoping never to see again. His tall skyscraper like appearance and his piercing eyes. My stomach twist and turned I looked away from fear that I would be brought back to that moment. It was Jim.

After thoughts

What just happened? I was in total disbelief I felt like I was tricked. Just as I was tricked in high School by my best friend. In fact most people I felt was out to get me for one reason or another. My suspicion about this blog was right all along and now what. how do I face my boss after such a disappointing interview. I made my way to the car stumbling with my keys my mind racing and coordination lacking. It was going to be a long ride home. I definitely wasn’t going back to work in this condition.

With Jim

“What about cruelty to the chickens? Have you thought of how it must feel to have your feathers plucked for someone’s fashion.” He exploded. Whoa where did that come from? He was relatively pleasant at first I stumbled for a reply. “I havent looked into it but I’m sure there is a way to harvest fallen feathers.” I said stumbling over my words. “How would you feel if someone plucked your hairs.” “Well I do wax occasionally.” I blurted out. What is wrong with this guy. “Do you know that Feather merchandising has gone up 2% since the your article? No I didnt know that but I dont think its because of my article.” I said defensively. “Will you do anything to rectify this?” He said. I decided not to answer any more questions. And just looked down at my cookie. Evading the questions as I should have from the start. Jim then left the room. Soon after Medellia came to the room and said “interview is over, thank you for coming in today. ” Oh,” I said surprised “I thought there was a second part of the interview.” “There was one.” she replied “With Jim”


Its very nice to meet you” said Medellia. She wore a stylish purple peplum shirt and a tan skirt. I never liked purple. i wasnt sure how to respond since I didn’t want to be here, yet i didnt want that to show. “Thank you for considering me I have been reading your blogs”I said with a smile “Lets get to the interview” she said abruptly She proceeded to ask the questions i have seen throughout her lackluster blog. And i answered back just as I had practiced before. “Thank you very much the first part of the interview is done”. First part i thought am i interviewing for a job here. “Its just a short interview” did she read my facial expressions i wondered. She continued “you can take a break there are refreshments in the room to the left.” Medellia said. Its all worth it for refreshments. I hurried to the next room and ended up stepping on some guys feet he smiled at me and I said excuse me sorry about that. Not paying much attention to him in the room I picked up some cookies and juice just as a kindergartner would. And sat down and mindlessly ate my cookie. What a great destressor. “Hi” Was that in my head or did someone just speak to me. i looked and there he was the guy that was blocking my way to the cookies earlier. “my name is Jim” Seriously im going to have to interact with another human. Aggravated I said “Hello My name is Kohana” I went back to my cookie and hoped that was the end to this conversation.” Oh Kohana, your getting interviewed today. I have read your article. Chicken feathers is the new black.” Jim said. I begin to lose my appetite I quit. “Yes i wrote that article.”


The day of the interview quickly came. It was a beautiful day sun shining. Only bad things happen when the sun is shining. I thought as I walked to the office. “Hi, Kohana.”  A women with green hair said. Hello I replied with my best forced enthusiasm. Come this way she smiled and giggled a bit. What was that about. I thought. I walked  into a conference room. And sat down making sure to sit in the corner of the table.  “Medellia will be right with you.”   Medellia came in to the room shortly after.

If only I knew

Although I didnt research very much about the writers corner blog in the back of my mind I wondered what I was missing. There had to be more to this blog than meets the eye since it was so popular. I prepared a couple of  common questions my passion for writing. How long I have been writing etc. The interview was tommorow at their office. I’m definitely dreading this.

First impressions

Research time.  Let’s see here The not so original named blog “the writers corner” what is it about. I typed it in to google. Where I find most of the material I’m looking up. Interesting layout here. It was a very dark blog but the font was in red. Ok so what kind of blog is this really. It had different excerpts for those that were featured. Tips for writers block. And different prompts. I’m not too sure what’s so special about it but it was a pretty popular blog. I decided to get to work on my next article for Starlily it wasn’t much to see there.